"Northern Lights

The Beauty of the Forgotten Scandinavian Enamel Jewelry Artisans"

ISBN-13: 978-0-578-44439-0

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From 1860 -1960, Scandinavian enamel became one of the most prestigious fields of art in the world of jewelry. It is called the Golden Age of Enamel. Little was written about the world-wide award winning master enamel artisans from this time, and many faded into oblivion, their histories lost in out of print books or dusty archives.

"Northern Lights" is a must own book for anyone interested in enamel jewelry, featuring thirty-eight master Scandinavian enamel artisans, their makers mark, and samples of their work from the Golden Age of enamel jewelry.. Get valuable insights into these craftsmen and their stunning, vibrant, exquisite and breath-taking work.

"Northern Lights" has 340 fact-filled pages with more than 500 color photographs.

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Many have asked what is so special about the forgotten Scandinavian enamel jewelry artisans and their workshops? Click here to read more.


The Enamel Companies
1. Aksel Holmsen
2. Albert Scharning A/S
3. Andresen & Scheinpflug
4. A. Michelsen
5. Arne Nordlie A/S
6. Asbjørn Birkelund
7. Balle
8. Bernhard Meldahl
9. C. Berg
10. David Andersen
11. Einar Modahl
12. Georg J. Ruud
13. Gustav Gaudernack Fabrik
14. Gustav Hellstrøm
15. H.C. Østrem
16. Hroar Prydz
17. Hval & Kristiansen
18. Ivar T. Holth
19. Jensen & Aamodt
20. Johan G. Kjærland
21. John Baalerud
22. John Stamnæss A/S
23. J. Tostrup
24. K A Rasmussen
25. K. Hestenes
26. Lars Harsheim
27. Lindrup & Egner
28. Marius Hammer
29. M. & T. Olsen
30. N.A. Jørgensen
31. Nils M. Elvik
32. N.M. Thune
33. Norsk Filigransfabrikk
34. O.F. Hjortdahl
35. O. Olberg
36. Thorleif Johnsen
37. Volmer Bahner
38. W. A. Bolin
Other Enamellists