The book about Scandinavian’s

Golden Era of Enamel Jewelry

from 1880 – 1960

is soon available.

In Scandinavia from 1880 to 1960, an era of Scandinavian enamel jewelry art flourished. Scandinavian enamel was of extremely high technical and artistic quality. This period is a “golden age” for the enamellists who did enamel work and thus an important phase in enamel jeweler's art's history. From the late 1800's on, enamel art became one of the most prestigious fields in Norway, and by 1904, at the world’s fair, Norway had received awards in enameling surpassing their Russian counterparts. But there was almost no information available about these artisans. Who were the Scandinavian master enamel artisans? Our book is about 38 of the master goldsmith workshops who created enamel jewelry and the items they created during 1880 to 1960. Each chapter contains a brief history of the artisans, including a photograph, nearly 30 photographs of a selection of their enamel work and maker marks used to sign their pieces.