"Northern Lights

The Beauty of the Forgotten Scandinavian Enamel Jewelry Artisans"

ISBN-13: 978-0-578-44439-0

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A must own book for anyone interested in enamel jewelry, featuring thirty-eight master Scandinavian enamel artisans, their makers mark, and samples of their work from the Golden Age of enamel jewelry (1860 to 1960).

Get valuable insights into these craftsmen's lives, and breath-taking exquisite work. 340 fact-filled pages with more than 500 color photographs.

What is so special about Scandinavian enamel artisans and their workshops Click here to read more.

Contents, a chapter on each 38 master enamel artisans such as:
Holmsen, Michelsen, Balle, Gaudernack, Berg, Prydz, Hestenes, Holth, Andersen, Johnsen, Bolin, Lindrup, Tostrup and 25 more.

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Independent reviews of the book

Per Bredo Østby, Norske Gull-Og Solvstempler Gjennom Tidene 1500-1950
I have told many about it. Your work is quite marvelous.

Karina Øksdahl, administrator Norske Sølv- Og Emaljesmykker/ Norwegian Silver Jewelry
If I compare this to other books I have, I will learn much more from this one. I will use it over and over again. It should be read from cover to cover with great joy.

Mary Walshok, PhD., author and Knight of the Royal Order of the Polar Star, Sweden
This is a forever book!

Duncan Cornell Card, Esq. Bennett Jones (Bermuda)
The definitive survey on Scandinavian enamel art, a subject that has been extremely neglected except for very well-informed collectors and curators.

Duke Johnson, Founder, and CEO La Jolla Institute for Wealth Management
The 30 years to production certainly paid off! It presents a concise, well written resource for scholars, researchers, and fine art historians and collectors. The format enhances the reader's ability to identify periods, locales, and families practicing this art form. An interesting and easy read!

Marianne Ellefsen, collector and eBay seller
I use the book every day. It is a treasure for me as a collector and eBay seller. It is unique, nothing like it exists.

Ole Petter Rasch-Olsen - Founder OPRO, goldsmith
It is undoubtedly the best 'encyclopedia' yet about the enamel industry. I have been a goldsmith for more than 54 years and I still found lots of new information. It’s so good I bought two copies!

Cynthia Haynes
Northern Lights is meticulously researched and obviously took years to put together. The breadth of knowledge about Norwegian enamel artisans makes this a fascinating read! The images are beautiful, and this book has helped me identify some maker's marks that I was unable to identify before. It has also filled a gap in the existing research about Norway's beautiful jewelry from late 19th century and 20th century artisans. So happy to add this to my collection!